I am a fan of relatively “low” technology, for instance, I like aircraft, but whilst I could visualise building a first world war aircraft – given time and a home workshop, I couldn’t dream of building an FA-18 or even a Gloster Meteor, likewise, a Stirling cycle hot air engine seems more achievable than a modern turbocharged i.c. engine. Whilst I could take advantage of pre-built high tech devices such as computers, TV, the car I drive to work, I don’t feel the same sort of afinity to them, I remember growing up when steam trains ruled the rails and being able to understand how they worked.
I know that we don’t need to understand the technology we work with, just how to operate it, but it gives me a feeling of control to know just how the technology works.
I shall be exploring some of the aspects of technology in my blogs so look forward to steam powered computers!


Comments welcome!

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